The southern Salento countryside, a few kilometres from Otranto and the finisterre of Santa Maria di Leuca,  is home to Masseria Alti Pareti. Set in one hundred hectares of land in a precious park of secular and millenary olive trees, it also includes a vineyard, fig orchard and a large greenhouse.

Alti Pareti is an integrated structure that fuses together culture, art, training, hospitality, agriculture and food.  The husband and wife team of Raffaele Cazzetta and Giorgia Marrocco have owned the Masseria since 1990. They decided to fuse their family and entrepreneurial experience to bring to life an ambitious dream. The meeting between the traditional excellence of the olive growing company Cazzetta and of Pimar, owned by Giorgia Marrocco, leader in manufacturing Lecce limestone (another pillar of the Salento economy), has resulted in a new project to create and promote culture, in all its forms.

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