Training and service

The Masseria Alti Pareti is not only good food, hospitality and excellent products. Its aim is even more ambitious.
One of the Cazzettas’ many projects is to provide a quality training service, also thanks to the large 200 square metre laboratory. Tourists, students from hotel-management schools and professionals (chefs, specialist journalists, national and international buyers) can benefit from the unique opportunity of learning the basics of the processing and packing of local products, through customised training courses.
Furthermore a separate wing of the Masseria hosts a 50-100-capacity hall which can be used for conferences on agriculture and the agricultural and food sector or wide ranging cultural events, in the shadow of the symbol of the Mediterranean: olive trees.
Amongst other things the Cazzettas, with the Associazione Amici dell’Olivo Secolare, have endorsed the “Support a secular olive tree” project, which aims to promote extra virgin olive oil. People can adopt one or more trees in the Masseria and earn the right to use the oil produced by their adopted trees.
Another guiding principle to promote, and not only safeguard, the secular olive tree is art. The idea behind the project is to install works of art in Lecce limestone created by internationally renowned artists every year in the beautiful park. The stone is typical of this land and was fundamental in the creation of the famous Lecce baroque style. In this way the symbolic power of the olive trees, veritable natural sculptures, will be fused with the craftsmanship of the human hand, creating a location that represents a south that is anchored to its roots and at same time in communication with the Mediterranean. Famous contemporary artists such as Álvaro Siza, Hidetoshi Nagasawa and Michelangelo Pistoletto have already agreed to take part in the project.
For guests and visitors to the Masseria Alti Pareti and the park, a walk amongst the olive trees will be an unforgettable experience marrying beauty, art and knowledge.