The wines of the Alti Pareti winery are the result of the love of quality products that has always been the hallmark of the Cazzetta company. The grape varieties range from the local Negroamaro and Primitivo to the international Chardonnay. The king of Salento’s wine grapes is undoubtedly Negroamaro, which is used to produce a rosé and a red wine. This grape, grown almost exclusively in Apulia and mainly in the Salento, is late-maturing and has black-skinned fruits that give the variety its name, which brings together the words niger and mavros: respectively black in Latin and Greek. The Alti Pareti winery produces another well appreciated red from Primitivo grapes. Allegedly introduced in Apulia by the Phoenicians or the Greeks, Primitivo’s name is due to its precocious maturing. One of the most popular grapes in Italy, and not only, is used for the winery’s white wine: Chardonnay. In recent years Apulia, and the Salento especially, has specialised in the production of this grape.