Only carefully selected grapes are used to create the Alti Pareti wines. The main grape varieties used for our excellent wines are Chardonnay, Negroamaro and Primitivo. The names of our local grapes evoke an ancient culture that traces its roots back to the Greeks and Romans, and which has handed down to us not only a product, but so much more. The entire Mediterranean world has since time immemorial found in wine and oil its symbols of belonging, its cultural coordinates, its rituals as well as a veritable transformative force of its landscape. Expanses of vineyards model and outline the landscape of the Salento, alternating with olive forests, feeding on the typical calcareous and clayey soil of this territory and benefitting from the influence of two seas, the Ionian and the Adriatic. Today enlightened farms, such as Cazzetta, use this immense heritage to create products that are in no way inferior to the best quality products from the rest of Italy and the world. Another jewel in the Alti Pareti crown is the sparkling process, implemented with the best techniques, to create two sparkling wines: a Brut and an Extra Dry.